American Legion Post 810 Baseball of Philadelphia

Since 1925, the American Legion has sponsored a national league for boys that are between the ages of 15 to 19 years old. Locally, in the Philadelphia area alone there are 9 separate baseball team. Each spring and summer boys compete from the historical South Philadelphia to the far reaches of Roxborough all the way up to the legendary Greater Northeast.

Information IconFor current information including schedule, stats, standings and more please visit the Philadelphia County Legion website.

Our coach:

American Legion Post 810 members play an active role in selecting our couch. If you have any questions regarding try-outs, eligibility, games, volunteering, or any other matter, please contact our Post 810 staff and current couch and someone will respond back to you. Contact them by completed the form here: small email icon Contact Legion Baseball Coach

Tryouts: Last Week In April

Please check the eligibility (see belowRed down arrow). if you are eligible, then please contact the Coach because our Legion Baseball team is always looking for new players. There are always spots available and our season runs from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.

Bustleton Memorial American Legion Post 810 baseball team generally holds try-outs during the last week in April, weather depending. Please contact us for more tryout information. small email icon Contact Legion Baseball Coach. If you are having trouble using the website please call the Post at 215-969-9437 for me details.

Baseball Season: 16 Games, Plus Playoffs

Our baseball season begins the last weekend in April. Practices will run continuously all season long. The regular season starts after Memorial Day and concludes just after the 4th of July weekend. We play 16 games from other teams in the area, following the regular season 16 games will potentially be the playoffs. Lastly, a 3 game championship series with the winner going on to the regional tournament. The regional tournament will be played this year in Warminster.

Eligibility: Boys 15-19 in Zone 1

If you live with the Zone 1 Boundary (see belowRed down arrow), and if you will be, or are 15-19 during this calendar year then you can play for us. If you are 19 and have a birthday this before December 31th, you are not eligible.small email icon Contact Legion Baseball Coach for more information.

Boundary (Zone 1)

If you do not live within the boundary of zone 1, it does not mean you cannot play legion baseball. It just means that you have to play for another team.

Zone 1 – Northern boundary, Philadelphia County Line, from the Delaware River to Montgomery County Line.
Western boundary, Montgomery County line South to Pennypack Creek.
South boundary, East on Pennypack creek to Winchester Ave., East on Winchester Ave, to Dewees St. to Willits Rd., East on Willits Rd. to Convent Ave., Northeast on Convent Ave. to Academy Rd, South on Academy Rd to Linden Ave, East on Linden Ave. to the Delaware River.

Please see the map below Red down arrow for a layout of the boundary. If you live close to a boundary, please contact Email small email icon Coach Legion Baseball Coach to confirm you are in the Post 810's baseball territory.

Territory for Legion Baseball Post 810

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About Legion Baseball

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American Legion Baseball was founded in 1925, and since then has become one of the most prominent amateur baseball leagues in the United States. The American Legion estimates that over one half of all current Major League Baseball players have at one time played American Legion Baseball. Roughly, 5,000 teams and over 100,000 players ages 15-19 compete against each other locality, regionally, nationally every spring.

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